Working Remotely: Can you create the same value away for your organization?

Mar 23, 2020

Our lives are changing rapidly. As we transition to life away from others, how do ensure we are still creating value from our work? Do you know if others can still see the value you are providing? If you want to make sure you are still creating value and others can still see the value you are creating, try these simple tips:

  1. Follow your normal routines (Go to bed, wake up, normal morning routine, start/end work at the same time, same breaks, same lunch time, etc.).
  2. If you had a commute to and away from work, use this time to invest in yourself.
  3. Make your work visible – by creating a simple one-page visual of your work others can easily see the value you are creating. Showing the value of work visually helps others gain clarity to current state.  By clearly seeing current state you can act with focus moving forward to continue adding value.
  4. Create a simple plan that is centered around improvement.

As you invest some of your freed-up time in you and your work, you will begin to see dramatic improvements in the way you work and this will free up more time.  You can use this time to invest in yourself or continue to improve the way you work. By sticking to your normal routine, investing in yourself, making your work visible to others, and making simple improvements to your work, you will create more value now and others will see the value you are creating.

Brian K. Cain

Co-founder Work Excellence, LLC

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