Alter the Rate of Change for Busy Organizations

Accelerate the Rate of Change for Busy Organizations

Stop the frantic pace of trying to get everything done at once. Instead, leverage high-impact activities to accelerate your organization individual rate of change.

Unlock Your Team's Potential

Unlock Your Team’s Human Potential Factor

Stop the silo effect in its tracks and create unity and harmony from top to bottom. Instead, recognize and then release your team’s human potential factor & develop better engagement & collaboration within each team.

Keep a Finger on the Pulse of the Organization

Keep a Finger on the Pulse Points of the Organization

Stop having meetings about the meeting and all the one-off emails (because it’s never just one). Instead, strategize to ensure critical information is visible & communicated throughout the organization.



“The content was easily applied to my work. I could see the value of the tools after completing the first major activity. Steve was very knowledgeable and patient with the group while we asked questions and stumbled through the first pass at using the tools.”

Shelly C. – Director – Healthcare





“It’s really about getting everyone on the same page by providing clarity. I work with people from a lot of different areas, and this will help communicate with coherency.”

Tom S. – Director – Education





“The one-on-one coaching was extremely beneficial. Steve was able to help me customize a unique plan for my business. Each session taught me to think outside the box about how we can improve productivity, customer service, revenue, and much more.”

April M. – Operations Manager – Building Component Supplier


Why Work Excellence Works
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