Case Study:

Pioneering IT Excellence in Document Digitization

YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE: A company specializing in the digitization of documents and operating a significant transaction engine for various sectors faced a critical decision about its future. As a privately held entity, the leadership contemplated enhancing the business’s value with a focus on EBITDA to prepare for potential sale.

IconWE MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE AT: The company encountered pivotal moments twice. Initially, the aim was to improve financial standing for a potential sale. Subsequently, after a change in ownership, the need to re-implement effective operational methods and meet revised EBITDA targets became paramount.

IconPICK A STARTING POINT: Round One: Initial Strategy: A foundational set was built, and a group of leaders were trained to improve operations and financial performance.
Coaching: The team was coached through integrating new methodologies to enhance the company’s value. Round Two: Re-implementation: The organization reinstated previous methods with continued training to meet new operational and financial goals.

IconCONDUCT A WORKSHOP: Intensive workshops and training sessions were conducted in both phases to align the staff with operational strategies and ensure deep integration of the methodologies.

Pioneering IT Excellence in Document Digitization


  • The organization adapted and reinforced necessary strategies to meet its EBITDA targets in both instances.
  • Leadership guided the company through these transitions, ensuring effective implementation and sustainability.

Expand And ScaleExpand And Scale


  • The company successfully met its EBITDA targets in both rounds, demonstrating the effectiveness of its strategic approach.
  • The business experienced multiple sales, leading to new growth opportunities.
  • The internal team ensured the continued application of effective methodologies.
  • A reaffirmation of commitment to the Work Excellence Method and coaching was established, emphasizing its importance for future operations.

This company’s journey through strategic IT and operational transformation showcases the profound impact of focused planning and continuous improvement. By prioritizing financial goals and maintaining effective methodologies, the company not only achieved its objectives but also adeptly navigated through ownership changes, exemplifying adaptability and sustained success.

Enhancing IT Efficiency in Healthcare: A Strategic Transformation
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