Case Study:

Transforming Homelessness Prevention Strategies in a Midwestern City Through the Work Excellence Method

YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE: Our client is a nonprofit organization located in a Midwestern U.S. city, dedicated to preventing homelessness through a proactive, partner-based approach. Introduced to Work Excellence through a board member with expertise in healthcare and process improvement, the organization was eager to improve its effectiveness and impact.

IconWE MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE AT: The organization was at a pivotal point, focusing on resetting its strategy and work processes. A major issue was the inefficient onboarding of community partners, who play a crucial role in identifying and assisting at-risk individuals before they need immediate shelter. The ultimate goal was to preemptively reduce the number of people who end up requiring emergency housing.

IconPICK A STARTING POINT: Work Excellence was introduced to the organization’s leadership by the aforementioned board member. The initial engagement was geared towards optimizing the partner onboarding process, which was identified as a bottleneck in their efforts to help those at risk of homelessness.

IconCONDUCT A WORKSHOP: Work Excellence’s engagement began with structured conversations with the organization’s core leadership team, including key board members. Initially applied to streamline the partner onboarding process, the Work Excellence Method was later expanded to cover other facets of the organization’s operations. Over the following months, we built out comprehensive work systems for onboarding, identifying work improvement opportunities, and continuously refined work direction and work measurement. This was accomplished through a combination of onsite workshops and follow-up calls. In these workshops, we constructed detailed partner onboarding pages to address their primary challenge. The team diligently worked on these solutions, successfully presenting the improved strategies to the board, which greatly facilitated their mission.


The outcomes of this comprehensive approach were both measurable and transformative:


  • Impactful Prevention: The organization successfully prevented over 700 instances of homelessness within a year and a half, thanks in part to the streamlined partner onboarding and more effective identification strategies.
  • Efficient Onboarding: The modifications led to an increase in the number of community partners that could be effectively onboarded, optimizing the organization’s scope and impact.
  • Partner Satisfaction: Partners reported that the revamped onboarding process was highly effective, leading to better collaborations.
  • Aligned Leadership: Utilizing the Work Excellence Method helped unify the leadership team, enhancing decision-making and strategy formulation capabilities.
  • Storytelling Capacity: The organization was also enabled to articulate their mission and impact more effectively, boosting their ability to attract further resources and partnerships.
Non-profit Case Study Success

Expand And ScaleExpand And Scale

This case study illuminates the adaptability of the Work Excellence Method in nonprofit environments grappling with pressing societal issues. The organization has successfully refined its internal processes and significantly scaled its social impact.

Future Plans:

  • Community Outreach: There are plans to further engage with community organizations to expand the prevention network.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The organization aims to incorporate data analytics to refine their identification and prevention strategies even further.
  • Resource Allocation: Enhanced efficiency allows for more resources to be allocated to proactive, rather than reactive, solutions like emergency shelters.
  • Policy Advocacy: Success stories will be leveraged for advocacy efforts aimed at implementing policy changes supporting large-scale preventive measures.
  • Leadership Development: Continued focus on leadership training remains a priority, ensuring long-term success and alignment within the organization.

Through strategic planning and process optimization via the Work Excellence Method, the organization has set a new standard for nonprofit effectiveness, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those most at risk.

Non-Profit Case Study Results
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