Case Study:

Revitalizing Financial Prosperity in Distribution

YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE: One of our clients, a distribution company, encountered recurring annual losses amounting to $1 million over several years. A thorough financial dive probed into the cash conversion cycle and operational categories, uncovering excessive expenses and a sluggish gross margin that undermined overall profitability.

IconWE MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE AT: The mission was to recalibrate financial prowess through strategic initiatives. A laser focus on cutting costs, refining the cash conversion cycle, and improving a subpar gross margin took center stage. Beneath-the-line expenses were scrutinized to reignite profitability.

IconPICK A STARTING POINT: Energized strategies aimed at reducing expenses, turbocharging the cash conversion cycle, and fortifying the gross margin. Tackling below-the-line costs surged the drive to reinvigorate profitability and foster a robust financial future.

IconCONDUCT A WORKSHOP: The journey involved workshops, coaching sessions, and additional consulting. These sessions were geared towards nurturing a collective understanding of the financial landscape and instilling a cohesive vision for financial success. The workshops were critical for fostering innovative strategies, aligning the team’s efforts, and channeling the collective energy towards financial revitalization.

Distribution Case Study Success


The sweeping financial revitalization bore fruit. Cost curtailment, cash cycle finesse, and margin enhancements turbocharged profits. Gross profit catapulted from a 1% average to an impressive 8%, signaling a monumental achievement. The did a great job by navigating the complex financial situation, minimizing unnecessary expenses, and maximizing gross profits they were able to return the Company to positive EBITDA in less than 16 months.

    Expand And ScaleExpand And Scale

    Armed with restored financial fortitude, the company is poised for a grand leap. The triumphant financial overhaul laid a robust foundation for future endeavors, propelling exploration of new avenues, market diversification, and fortified industry standing.

    Distribution Case Study Results
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