The Work Excellence® Method

All Success Starts When Everyone is on the Same Page

The Work Excellence Method helps you create more value from your work. Our method helps you get on the same page and see the most important issues in your work and discover how making small changes in your work can result in massive gains in productivity, time, and cost savings.

How Many Times Have You Heard ‘We Are Not on the Same Page’?

At Work Excellence, we know that disjointed teams and departments are a major cause of failing organizations. We have identified two factors that most of an organization’s problems stem from:

  • The organization has not defined high-level strategic goals
  • The organization does not have a common method for completing work

Examples of organizational issues include internal churn, company-wide chaos, specific areas that need improvement, and not knowing where to start.

Get Your Team on the Same Page & Create More Value From Your Work

Work Excellence has foundational beliefs that govern everything we do. For an organization to be Excellent, we believe:

1. You need a Method of Working to help your organization get and stay on the same page
2. All work can be improved & completed with excellence
3. You will get more value, now — You chose the value!

At Work Excellence, we believe for an organization to be excellent, you must have a common method of working and clearly defined strategic goals. The common set of strategic goals and methods of working must be visually communicated and in line with why your organization exists.

The Work Excellence Method guides you in creating a central document that will get your team on the same page. The results you receive are directly correlated to the depth you apply the method and services we provide.

Excellent Organizations Generate Value in Multiple Ways

Customer Value

  • Meet customer expectations
  • Grow with your customers
  • Build deeper connections with your customers
  • Get on the same page with your customers

Organizational Value

  • Achieve your short and long-term strategic goals
  • Improve your financial condition
  • Scale and innovate faster
  • Get everyone aligned with the same goals at all levels of the organization

Cultural Value

  • Maximize value received by the employees and the communities in which these organizations reside and serve
  • Increase the capability and skills of your leaders
  • Be the best place to work, best employer, or best at establishing work/life balance


Work System

Visually presents how you “create the value” from your work.

work improvement black

Work Improvement

Visually presents how you “improve the value” of your work.

Work Measurement

 Visually presents how you “ensure the value” of your work.

Work Direction

Visually presents how you “define the value” of your work

Work Excellence Formats for Developing a Common Method of Working

Work Excellence is delivered through several experience levels depending on your needs and desired results. You can choose which experience level to engage in or request us to evaluate your needs and suggest the best experience level for you.



Conversations / Learning / Application

Work Excellence Workshops take small groups or teams through the WorkExcellence Method. Workshops are great for fostering group discussions around how to get on the same page. The group setting also enforces lessons learned, helping drive more value from your work.

Business Meeting WorkExcellence business process improvement methodology


Build / Integrate / Sustain

Work Excellence Coaching offers a more intense and sustained Work Excellence experience. Coaching sessions are designed to either build, integrate, or reinforce the Work Excellence Method. Coaching options include both onsite and offsite support, giving you a solid foundation from which to apply Work Excellence your way.

importance of using process improvement methodologies WorkExcellence


Expertise / Speed / Results

Work Excellence Consulting brings our years of experience and in-depth knowledge to your organization. Through consulting, we help you solve the work-related problems your organization is facing. Our experience working across different industries, departments, and cultures unlock new value for you, allowing you to see results quickly.

WorkExcellence best process improvement methodologies


Workshops / Coaching / Consulting

We can design custom solutions that fit your needs. Depending on your needs and the stage and state of your organization or team, we apply the Work Excellence Method to help you increase your performance now. Work Excellence Hybrid Solutions combine components from our workshop, coaching, and consulting solutions.

Work Excellence Testimonials

“Really didn’t want it to end! One thing leads to another, and I want to continue to deep-dive and take the next steps.”

“It's really about getting everyone on the same page by providing clarity. I work with people from a lot of different areas, and this will help communicate with coherency.”

“After two years of using this, we are closing an average of 4-5 projects per month, versus 1-2. Laying out our entire project management process and making incremental improvements each quarter through Work Excellence has been a game-changer.”

“Very useful will be incorporated into daily work. Great coaches:positive and patient who provided excellent guidance and made a connection to real work.”

“Presentation was organized and informative with easy-to-follow examples; explanations were clear.”

Ready to Get Your Team on the Same Page?

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