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Customized Business Analysis Services

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Work Excellence FAQ

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Create More Value Now Workshops

What will I gain from attending the "Create More Value Now" workshop?

You will learn to:

Use a Common Method

Get on the same page for deeper connections and true collaboration.

Create Current State Clarity

See and understand your work based on facts, not emotions.

Be able to Focus Forward

Know and be accountable for your next steps.

Sustain your Momentum

Continue successful patterns that work; thereby, creating more value.

Should I bring others to the workshop with me?

Yes. Our public workshops are open to everyone.  Please sign up all participants on the website for our online or in person workshops. You can also call us at (844) 448-0488.   Our participants find that when teams participate in a workshop together they gain more value.

What are the benefits of attending a public workshop vs. hosting our own workshop?

The benefits of a public business seminar include the following: interaction and networking with other individuals and organizations, hearing the perspective of others, and sharing successes & best practices.

The benefits of a private business seminar include the following: open conversations about your work and your organization, the ability to focus solely on your organization’s opportunities, and the ability to collaborate and connect your work. If this workshop is off-site it allows the participants to focus on the workshop with minimal interruption. If this workshop is held at your location, participants can work on breaks, before and after the workshop.

 The benefits of an in-house public business seminar are the same as the public workshop and you can even invite your partners (suppliers, customers, etc.). As a hosting organization, there are other benefits that you will receive including exposure of your organization to the community


Business Improvement Webinars

Do I receive a certificate for watching a webinar?

Create More Value Workshops and Sustain the Value online workshops provide a certificate but webinars do not.

Are the webinars live or recorded?

We offer both live and recorded webinars. 

What if I have questions about the webinar content for a recorded webinar?

Please feel free to call or email us at (844) 448-0488 or [email protected]

uncertainty about the future in business

Business Improvement Coaching

How do I know if I need coaching?

You need coaching if you have difficulty in any of the following areas:  Understanding or Communicating how the organization creates value and fulfills its overall purpose, setting or communicating direction, understanding current state based on facts, not emotions,  determining or communicating the most critical metrics, or developing or communicating a plan for improvement to gain more value now.

Do you offer any coaching packages?

We offer coaching packages to support your organization, a team, or you as an individual.  Our coaching packages are structured to include the following: Monthly packages and bulk hour packages to be used during an interval of time.  The benefit of monthly coaching packages is knowing that you will have continuous support and the bulk packages offer you a discounted rate.

Can you coach my team or is this individual coaching only?

We can coach teams and individuals.


Business Improvement Consulting

How long will this take?

How long will this take?

Where do we start? What about the work we have done in the past?

We start by understanding your current state.  We always honor what you have done in the past and simply meet you where you are today.  By understanding your current state and what you have done in the past, we can decide the best path forward for you in terms of duration and timing of future coaching calls.

What tools do you use, what do I need to prepare / provide to you?

Most consulting organizations ask you to complete a comprehensive one size fits all questionnaire.  Using the Work Excellence Method to quickly understand your current state.  We have a deep and wide tool chest; however, we only introduce tools to you as necessary.  Generally, we only need to understand your assessment of the current state and desired future state.

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