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About Our Opportunities

WorkExcellence offers several paths for you to join the WorkExcellence journey. Recognition of your effort to get more value from your work is important. Simply attend one of our Workshops to start your journey and join the excitement around the WorkExcellence Movement. While you are creating more value in your work you can be recognized by your colleagues, your industry, and from WorkExcellence. The following is your path to Excellence – Your Way.

Our commitment to you — by using the Work Excellence Method you will:

Use a Common Method
Get on the same page for deeper connections and true collaboration.

Create Current State Clarity
See and understand your work based on facts, not emotions.

Be able to Focus Forward
Know and be accountable for your next steps.

Sustain your Momentum
Continue successful patterns that work; thereby, creating more value.


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WorkExcellence Practitioner

A practitioner is an individual who has reached the following milestones:


  •  Attended Workshop: Create More Value, Now!
  • Completed all WorkExcellence visual documents (Work System, Work Improvement, Work Measurement, Work Direction)
  • Used the WorkExcellence Method with your work for a minimum of 90 days
  • Attended Workshop: Sustain the Value!  (One day approximately 90 days after Workshop: Create More Value, Now!)
  • Completed at least 2 Within Interval Check & Adjust Steps
  • Completed at least 1 Between Interval Check & Adjust Steps
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Certified WorkExcellence Practitioner

A Certified Practitioner must complete all milestones of a WorkExcellence Practitioner, including:
  • Completed at least 3 hours of Coaching from a Certified Coach
  • Demonstrated to a Certified Coach that you are using the WorkExcellence Method – Your Way

After completing the milestones to be a Certified WorkExcellence Practitioner, you will receive a Signed Certificate recognizing you as a Certified WorkExcellence Practitioner suitable for framing.

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Certified WorkExcellence Coach

A certified coach must first be a Certified Practitioner. As a certified coach you will have the opportunity to join the WorkExcellence team either on a full time or part time basis.

A Certified Coach must complete the following milestones:

  • Attend a coaching workshop (One Day)
  • Attend Workshops: Create More Value, Now! and Sustain The Value! with a Certified Coach and demonstrate your ability to coach

As a Certified WorkExcellence Coach you have the ability to become a trainer as well. Reach out to learn more about the requirements of obtaining trainer status.

Trusted partnership

WorkExcellence Partner

Our partnership opportunities are open to any organization or individual that is willing to help us spread the message of WorkExcellence – Your Way and support our efforts to reaching more people.

Our partnership opportunities include the following:

  • Hosting a WorkExcellence Workshop at your site
  • Helping us recruit and fill WorkExcellence Workshops on your site or at a public facility in your geographic area
  • Spreading the message of the WorkExcellence Method in your communities
  • Sponsoring a Workshop as a paid advertiser – we will help promote your products or services on our website and during the Workshop

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