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Case Study

YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE: A long-standing, multi-generational private company specializing in memorial and building products found itself at a critical juncture. Despite its storied history and diverse business sectors, the organization confronted a significant challenge: an aging workforce and a noticeable gap in its leadership development pipeline. Conversations with leadership highlighted the urgent need for a sustainable leader development strategy.

IconWE MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE AT: In the initial conversations, it was clear that some seasoned leaders within the organization were skeptical of traditional leadership development methods. This skepticism was based on years of exposure to various training programs that had failed to deliver meaningful results.

IconPICK A STARTING POINT:Work Excellence kicked off the project by crafting specialized “page sets” to build a new leadership development system. Collaborating with a former Black Hawk medical evacuation pilot, the program inventoried existing leadership resources, set measurable objectives, and mapped out a plan to cultivate a resilient leadership pipeline.

IconCONDUCT A WORKSHOP: Work Excellence organized a series of workshops to construct and finalize the leadership development system. These interactive sessions considered existing educational resources, set priorities, and outlined the various phases a leader would go through during their development. An initial cohort of leaders, including some who were previously skeptical, was identified for the inaugural training round.


The results were transformative on multiple fronts:

The leadership development program launched successfully, attracting robust engagement from the first cohort of leaders.

Pre-existing skepticism about the effectiveness of leadership training was replaced by testimonials lauding the program as one of the most impactful ever undertaken.

The program has become an institutionalized part of the company’s fabric, assuring a continual stream of capable leaders. This framework has even enabled seamless leadership transitions during periods of retirement.

The onboarding process for new leaders was markedly improved, setting the stage for enduring organizational stability and growth.

    Expand And ScaleExpand And Scale

    The program’s effectiveness was aptly summarized by one of its initial skeptics, who described it as “one of the best programs” he had been a part of. Today, the organization not only has a fully stocked pipeline of future leaders but also a sustainable leadership development system poised to serve its needs for generations to come. This case study stands as a testament to the transformative impact of a customized, well-thought-out approach to human resource challenges, setting the course for a future filled with unprecedented success.

    Human Resources
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