At Work Excellence, we believe in the power of personalized coaching to drive transformation and growth. That’s why we offer individual or company coaching services. These in-person or virtual sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re a leader seeking to elevate your management skills, or an organization looking to foster a culture of performance, our experienced coaches and Subject Matter Experts are here to guide your journey. By empowering you with our innovative Work Excellence Method, we aim to not only solve your immediate challenges but also build your capacity to sustain excellence in the long term.


With our individual offerings, we work with a leader to build their specific page sets. We guide leaders in how to apply the method through these page sets and sustain them over time. These workshops are specific for to each leader’s needs. The goal is to develop the capabilities of the leader to build, apply, and sustain the method over time in their department.


With company workshops, we focus more on the team as a whole. We work with executives or entire teams in order to set up the page sets for their department or area. We work on coaching through hot spots and determining priorities. We want to guide teams through collaboration so they can continue to build, apply, and sustain the method together.

Business Coaching

In Person

Empowering Excellence through Personalized Coaching

Our in-person coaching sessions are interactive and practical. They focus on real-life scenarios, equipping you with actionable insights to navigate complex business challenges. The face-to-face format allows our coaches to understand your situation intimately, providing guidance that’s truly customized to your context.

Join us for in-person coaching and experience the transformative power of Work Excellence, where your growth and success are our ultimate goals.


Ignite Growth with Virtual Coaching

Our virtual coaching sessions are engaging, solution-focused, and tailored to your unique needs. They focus on real-world challenges, providing you with actionable strategies to navigate complex business landscapes. The virtual format offers the flexibility to engage with our coaches from any location, making it a convenient solution for today’s dispersed workforces.

Embrace the future of coaching with our virtual sessions and experience the transformative power of Work Excellence, where your growth and success are our paramount goals.

Work Excellence Coaching Programs

Coaching Objective: Build
The Build component helps you create 4 one-page documents to help you and your team visualize and understand the current state. Through the build process, you gain a deeper understanding of the synergistic value of each aspect of your work. The four pages that you create offer a holistic overview of your work that helps you focus on the most important items to improve.

Coaching Objective: Apply
During application, you learn how to use and advance your Work Excellence Method to drive more value from your work. Since the Work Excellence Method is designed around working your way, this step provides the business process reengineering tools to help you apply our methodology your way.

Coaching Objective: Sustain
The Work Excellence Method delivers the best results when sustained over time. The Sustain component of our business coaching services provides ongoing guidance to maintain the Work Excellence Method your way. We help you develop success-oriented patterns and rhythms to advance your work.


Business Coaching

Very professional,
engaging coaches!

Amy S., Education, Accounts Payable Specialist

The coaches were very knowledgeable, I really enjoyed the training.

Cori S., Education, Supervisor

The coach is a great presenter and has a strong continuous improvement background to draw upon to make the material come alive.

David S., Ministry, CFO/Director

I appreciated the coach’s guidance through real-world workflow and by the end of the session a completed document was produced.

Jessica D., Home Health Care, IT Manager

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