Our team also includes a wide range of industry experts, ready and willing to help you tackle any problems in your organization. Our coaches and advisors include Expert Facilitators, Professional Executive Coaches, Subject Matter Experts in many industries and disciplines, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts, representing a combined experience base of more than 70 years in the process improvement and coaching spaces.

Meet The Work Excellence Team
Brian Cain

What happens when you believe all work can be not only improved but also completed with excellence? That when you believe your individual contribution has value, you also eliminate wasted time, energy and resources. For Professional Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Speaker Brian Cain, it means following the data to create the money – literally. Brian’s central belief is that when you combine the power of data and human potential, the sky is the limit. For more than 30 years, he’s been helping organizations and teams tap into the human potential in their labor force which, for one company, increased cash availability by more than $12 million in six months – and that’s just the beginning.

Steve Gran

It can be maddening to feel you’re the only one in the room to see glaring problems – or their solutions. But Professional Executive Coach, corporate trainer, and speaker Steve Gran has been seeing issues and blind spots (and their solutions) for organizations and their teams for more than 25 years.  He published his first book People: A Leader’s Day-to-Day Guide to Building, Managing, and Sustaining Lean Organization, and has spent the last twenty years touring the world helping leadership professionals and their teams get lean, mean, and finally get on the same page. Steve and co-founder Brian Cain partnered to create Work Excellence in 2014.

Eli Roberts

With more than ten years of experience in management, engineering, and logistics, Eli serves as our supply chain and data analyst, while still working in his field as a senior project manager with Flo Energy Solutions. Eli has served with brand giants like Tyson Foods where he served as a senior transportation analyst, and Honeywell, where he served as an engineering supervisor and design engineer. When you need a thing done, and can’t figure out how to get it done, he’s there to help build and design it from the ground to distribution.

Aidan Gran

As a data and supply chain analyst, Aidan Gran has been helping overworked leadership teams and professionals free up their time through process improvement and leveraging automation for the past five years.  When data is easily accessible, it means your organization can dive into the work of process improvement faster, and make the real-time decisions that can mean the difference between profit and loss. Aidan’s specialties lie in business statistics, logistics, and data maturity.

Sherie Adair

For more than 20 years, Sherie has been the “power behind the throne” for leadership teams and C-suite professionals, handling internal daily operations, report analysis, workflow processes, finance and accounting, coordination for international meetings, and website support for multiple companies and organizations. She got her start in accounting and finance and has since grown through roles in human resources, production management, general purchasing, and executive support. She currently assists Work Excellence, founX, and other companies with bookkeeping and daily operations support, helping organizations tap into their human potential, and accelerate their individual rates of change from within.

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