Work Excellence Organizational Assessment Tool

Not all work is created equal, and that is what the Work Excellence Organizational Assessment Tool assesses and uncovers. By helping organizations analyze current work, our organizational development assessment tool identifies areas and issues that may be standing in the way of more effective work. Through this data, you get the insights you need to improve the way your company works.

You Need an Organizational Assessment for Organizational Success

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What Is the Importance of an Organizational Assessment?

The Work Excellence Organizational Assessment Tool provides an effective way to assess your organization and discover areas to improve. It gives executives and leaders quick insights into the different organizational aspects of their company. Our organizational assessment instrument uses a series of tried and tested assessment steps to provide enhanced visibility of the most crucial issues in your company.

Additionally our organizational development assessment tool helps organizations discover and quantify how making changes now can translate into significant improvements in productivity, time management, and resource management of work. Moreover, the tool allows you to see the areas you excel in and the areas that need improvement.

The Importance of Organizational Assessment

Conducting an organizational assessment provides the following benefits:

  • Gives company leaders a way to work on the business in addition to working in the business
  • Provides company leaders with insights and suggestions to improve
  • Helps company leaders communicate effectively team members and other leaders
  • Introduces perspective and balance between rearview mirror thinking and forward-thinking
  • Provides a fast and effective solution to address critical issues
  • Supplies teams with the knowledge to decide what to work on now
  • Sets the stage for candid and more in-depth conversations about what the organization can do better
  • Delivers a framework through which an organization/individual can evaluate the current state of a company and how to make improvements

Excellent Organizations Generate Value in Multiple Ways

Customer Value

  • Meet customer expectations
  • Grow with your customers
  • Build deeper connections with your customers
  • Get on the same page with your customers

Organizational Value

  • Achieve your short and long-term strategic goals
  • Improve your financial condition
  • Scale and innovate faster
  • Get everyone aligned with the same goals at all levels of the organization

Cultural Value

  • Maximize value received by the employees and the communities in which these organizations reside and serve
  • Increase the capability and skills of your leaders
  • Be the best place to work, best employer, or best at establishing work/life balance
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Work Excellence Organizational Assessment Benefits

Organizations that focus on assessing organizational effectiveness can expect the following benefits:

  • Gain an overall picture of the organization, including the nature and quality of work
  • Identify, assess, and understand potential opportunities to improve work now
  • Bring leaders and teams on the same page for deeper connections, true collaboration, and more meaningful and impactful work
  • Establish visibility and a deeper understanding of work based on facts, not emotions
  • Know and be accountable for the next steps
  • Create and maintain success patterns that work; thereby, creating more value
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What Makes the Work Excellence Organizational Assessment Tool Different?

Our organizational effectiveness assessment tool derives its power from addressing the five core elements of work: Work Direction, Work System, Work Measurement, Work Improvement and PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, & Adjust) Additionally, our organizational assessment tool help decode how you generate value for your customers and plan your organizational vision of the future. The tool provides a window into an organization for a faster and more accurate organizational needs and strengths assessment. The Output Advice generated represents the current condition of work and will help you take the next steps now.

The Work Excellence Organizational Assessment Tool is founded on 20+ years of consulting experience and expertise working alongside teams. That expertise is made available to you in the assessment. The evaluation will help you build a framework for how a healthy business in your context should operate. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to speak with our organizational assessment consultants about your assessment of organizational effectiveness.

The Organizational Development Assessment Tool Includes:

Overall Organizational Rating: Roll-up rating of the organization based on the assessment questions.

Future State: An outline of the organization’s ability to create a clear picture of the future state or the desired state.

Organizational Value: A quantification of organizational value that aligns with the organization’s continued push to create ongoing customer value.

Work Direction: A clear definition of work value and how an organization should spend time, energy, and resources in work.

Work System: A framework that outlines the most effective structure, order, and flow of work.

Work Measurement: A collection of critical work measures and how they interact with broader organizational processes.

Work Improvement: Clear metrics and direction on how to work ON the business to improve it within a defined period.

Work PDCA: A framework of Planning, Doing, Checking, and Adjusting (PDCA) to sustain the momentum of creating value through work.

Output Advice: Contextual and precise output advice based on each section’s rating.

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