How to Find a Business Mentor

Feb 23, 2021

How to Find a Business Mentor

Working with a mentor to achieve your goals makes you feel like you have a partner to turn to, for support and advice. You might have plenty of questions like how to Find a Business Mentor, what should be the next steps, how to initiate, and a lot more.

Work Excellence is the one for all. It delivers tried and tested insights and wisdom through innovative products to help you succeed as a business leader. By working with the right business mentor, you can increase their leadership acumen, avoid costly mistakes, and grow more profitable businesses.

What Are Business Mentorships?

Business mentors offer an essential service to business leaders by supporting and supplementing their decision-making processes. Having a business mentor is especially important when a business is going through a crisis or is considering growth.

In such scenarios, business mentors bring decades of experience to bear by helping business leaders make informed, objective, and actionable decisions.

Through a well-structured mentor-mentee relationship, business leaders can tap into a mentor’s deep well of wisdom.

But is it that easy as it sounds?

With Work Excellence it’s not difficult anymore to find a mentor for business as it helps you navigate your way through the uncharted territory.

How Can A Business Mentor Help You?

A business mentor can help you in the following ways:

  • Share ideas and insights gained from experience working in similar companies
  • Give you access to their diverse networks while helping you leverage yours
  • Assess, critique, and affirm your ideas and decisions based on their years of experience
  • Encourage you to take calculated risks that can take your business to the next level

Work Excellence provides a range of coaching, counseling, and mentoring services to business leaders seeking to be more effective in their duties. We help you gain the knowledge and insights to lead with confidence through tried and tested processes.

What To Look For In A Business Mentor

Effective Listening Skills: The best business mentors actively absorb what you are saying, demonstrating a keen interest in the conversation and giving you feedback that they understand what you are saying.

Business Problem-Solving Skills: Effective business mentors are well-acquainted with solving common business problems like performance monitoring and optimization, technology implementation, and change management.

Constructive Feedback: Skilled business mentors create a positive feedback loop between mentor and mentee that generates constructive feedback for faster learning and better decision-making.

How To Find A Business Mentor

Finding the best mentor for business boils down to asking the right questions. Here are some questions to ask a potential business mentor:

  • Have you worked with business leaders in similar situations to mine?
  • How do you structure your mentorship arrangements?
  • Who are some recent business leaders you have mentored?
  • What outcomes have you seen from mentoring them?
  • What outcomes do you see from mentoring me?

How To Find A Mentor For Entrepreneurship

In some cases, you may look for an entrepreneur mentor rather than finding a business mentor especially if you are starting a new business or expanding your current business. Here are the questions to ask a prospective entrepreneur mentor:

  • Why do you think every entrepreneur needs a business mentor?
  • Have you mentored entrepreneurs in similar situations?
  • How successful are your past entrepreneurial mentees?
  • Do you have experience working in an entrepreneurial environment?
  • What technical background do you have, and does it align with my mentorship needs?

How To Get A Business Mentor

Asking someone to be your mentor depends on the arrangement. For example, getting a Work Excellence business mentor is straightforward –drop us a message, and we will be happy to explore a mentorship arrangement with you.

If you want to find a business mentor near you, first meet with the person several times and ask them exploratory questions. Once you are sure they would make a good mentor, you can formally ask them.

Business Mentor vs. Business Coach

As a business leader, do you need a business mentor or a business coach? It depends on your needs. These are the differences between either:

Business Mentor: Engages in a longer-term (measured in months or years) mentor-mentee arrangement and offers a lot of ongoing unstructured and contextual advice.

Business Coach: Takes you through a structured coaching program with clear timelines and outcomes. Work Excellence Coaching is an excellent example of business coaching.

Is Your Organization Ready to Get on the Same Page?

Contact us today for more information about our Work Excellence business performance improvement packages. We can assess your needs and prescribe the best package for you.

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