Uncertainty About the Future in Business

Apr 15, 2020

Tips for Dealing With Uncertainty at Work

Six months ago, the economy was booming, unemployment was very low, and most of the United States of America population felt very positive about our future. A few business leaders were wondering if and/or when the next recession would occur and how long it would last. Very few, if any, believed that a major recession was possible. The reality is that no one is promised tomorrow or knows the true future of what tomorrow will bring. We do know that a “new normal” exists in the future. In times of stress or unknown human beings have an innate ability to survive. Humans seek structure in times of uncertainty. Simple structures help us stay focused. This focus allows us to handle and deal with the routine things we need to do to survive each day. The better you are prepared for dealing with uncertainty in business, the better you will be at coping with uncertainty and continue to produce results.

Tips for Dealing With Uncertainty at Work and at Home

  • Seek and set up simple structures in your daily routine and in your work.
  • Make these simple structures visible to all whom you share your lives and with your colleagues.
  • Continually check and adjust each structure to ensure you are gaining the most value.

The Work Excellence will show you how to embrace uncertainty, while confidently producing results. At Work Excellence, we train and coach individuals and teams around the “Five Core Elements of Work” to help individuals, teams, and organizations continue to perform the necessary daily routine work and focus forward on business process improvement. By using a common method and making your work visible to all, you create clarity to the current state of your business. Once the gears start turning in the right direction by using these simple measures, and you begin to experience better results – you and your team will be able to sustain your momentum.

The 5 Core Elements of Work include:

  1. Work Direction
  2. Work System (your process)
  3. Work Measurement
  4. Work Improvement (your plan)
  5. Work PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Adjust)

Apply This to Cope With Uncertainty at Work

The more value you create today to ensure others see the value in your work may help you keep your job or thrive in your next endeavor. Contact us to eliminate the intense stress that comes when you face uncertainty about the future in business. We can help you and your business reach new levels of success!
The Work Excellence Team

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