Organizational Assessment & Free 1/2 Hour Coaching


Organizational Assessment & FREE 1/2 Hour Coaching.

The Work Excellence Organizational Assessment is an easy effective way to assess your organization and find out where you are not on the same page.
This package includes a FREE half-hour of coaching. Speak with one of our executive coaches to further understand your assessment results and discover where you can improve your business.

Organizational Assessment

What is the Organizational Assessment?

The Work Excellence Organizational Assessment is an easy effective way to assess your organization and find out where you are on the same page. It gives executives and leaders quick insights on how they can create more value for their work now. It will allow you to see the most important issues in your work and discover how making changes in your work now can result in improvement in productivity, time, and resources in your work. You chose the value!

Why do you need an organizational assessment?

  • Need a clear and simple way to work on the business because we are always working in the business
  • Need the right balance of a rearview mirror and forward-thinking
  • Need something that works quickly and gets to the core elements
  • Help your team decide what to work on now
  • To engage the organization in conversations about what the organization can do better
  • Organizations and individuals need to evaluate the current state and health of their work

What differentiates the WE organizational assessment?

  • The Work Excellence Method drives you back to the 5 core elements of work
  • Based upon the 5 core elements of work you can assess the organization more quickly with more accuracy
  • The output advice is representative of your current condition and will help you take the next steps now
  • The Work Excellence assessment is based on 20+ years of experience and expertise in walking alongside teams. That expertise is available to you in the assessment
  • Build a framework for how a healthy business should operate
  • Opportunity to talk to a Certified Work Excellence coach about the results of your Organizational Assessment

Benefits of doing an organizational assessment

  • Get an overall picture of your organization
  • Understand opportunities to improve your work
  • Get on the same page for deeper connections and true collaboration
  • See and understand your work based on facts, not emotions
  • Know and be accountable for your next steps
  • Continue successful patterns that work; thereby, creating more value

Assessment includes:

  • Overall organizational rating
    • Rollup rating based upon the entire assessment questions
  • Future State
    • The organization's ability to create clarity to the future state or the desired state
  • Organizational Value
    • Organizations strive to create value continuously for their customers
  • Work Direction
    • Defines the value of how you should spend your time energy and resources in work
  • Work System
    • The structure order & flow of work
  • Work Measurement
    • The critical few measures of work
  • Work Improvement
    • Working ON the business to improve in an interval of time
  • Work PDCA
    • Planning, Doing, Checking & Adjusting to sustain the momentum of creating value

You will receive output advice based on the rating of each section.

Select one of the options that include discounted coaching.

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Organizational Assessment

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