Lean Six Sigma for the Rest of Us


Lean Six Sigma For The Rest of Us

Apple launched the Macintosh with the slogan “The computer for the rest of us”. Many of us recognize that earning a “Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification” is a feat of dedication and focus few of us achieve. Yet all of us can benefit from the wisdom contained in approaches that embody this dedication to process excellence. That is why we designed this webinar: we want you to benefit from the core concepts of process excellence, no matter what your situation or current level of understanding.

The concepts we will share in this program are successfully applied by organizations of all sizes: ranging from the one of largest employers in Central Ohio to small family-run businesses, non-profits, and even down to single member consultancies.

Our presenter for this program has distilled more than 27 years of business experience into a simple yet powerful approach he calls WorkExcellence®. Steve Gran believes that all work, all human action can be improved and completed with excellence. When we focus on improvement and excellence, we eliminate wasted time, energy and resources. The purpose of his work is to free up time in people’s lives.


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Work Excellence Webinar Lean Six Sigma

Our webinar will show you:

  • Ideas for how your business can pivot and continue to add value from your work
  • Business process techniques to help clearly understand current state
  • Communication essentials to make your work visible to other team members
  • How to get your arms around the 5 Core Elements of Work
  • How to use this approach to adapt in any business environment


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