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Why You Should Attend a Workshop Now

If you want more value from your work now, attend a WorkExcellence Workshop. When you attend a WorkExcellence Workshop you will receive immediate value and you will learn how to generate additional value in the future. Our Workshops are centered using your actual work. We quickly get you grounded in the concepts then allow you to spend most of you time applying the WorkExcellence Method – Your Way to your work.

Our Workshops allow you to create a visual representation of your work. The value you receive from the initial two-day workshop is:


  1. Create a common way of working and Get Everyone on the Same Page
  2. Create Clarity to current state of Your Work
  3. Focus Forward and plan your Next Steps
  4. Understand how to Sustain Your Momentum and create Successful Patterns that work

Conversations – Learning – Application


Applying a common method and language allows you to have structured conversations about specific elements of your work. These time-tested conversations allow you and your team to focus on the work at hand and reduce circling and jumping around without the common method.


The learning is interactive. You will see and gain powerful insights about your work. You will understand the WorkExcellence thinking and apply this thinking to your work. By applying the common method across an organization, you will be able to quickly understand current state and next steps about any work. The learning and understanding are immediate and impactful. 


We introduce the concepts and terms and you immediately apply them to your work. You create four 1-page  visuals during the workshop. These four pages aid you in “Telling the Story” about your work, the results, and allows you to manage your work moving forward. Upon leaving the workshop, you will have a focused plan that you can execute now.

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WorkExcellence Practitioner Workshop 1 (Two-Day Workshop)

Day 1


Work System

The organized, connected, and necessary “ways of working” (leadership, production, management) to produce the results from your work.  A Work System is a one-page visual representation of how your work is organized to get the work done. This visual representation displays the structure, order, flow, and current state of work.

Shows everyone how you Create the Value” from your work


Work Improvement

The act of planning and executing work that improves the results of your organization. Working “On the Business” not “In the Business”.  A Work Improvement Plan is a visual representation of the current state of improvement initiatives and planned steps. 

Shows how you “Improve the Value” of your work

Day 2


Work Measurement

Creating and maintaining a dashboard of measures to judge the performance of your work.  A Work Measurement dashboard creates a visual representation of the “critical few” measures for an organization, functional area, or Work System.  

Shows how you “Ensure the Value” of your work.


Work Direction

Clearly developing, recording, and sharing “Why” we do the work.  Work Direction includes common items such as your organization’s purpose, vision, mission, and guiding principles.  A Work Direction creates a visual representation of the Direction provided by leadership for the organization, functional area, or a Work System.

Shows how you “Define the Value” of your work.

WorkExcellence Practitioner Workshop 2 (One-Day)

Work PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Adjust)


Learn how to build and implement a repeatable system built on timeless principles of how work can be broken down into an essential structure (Planning, Doing, Checking, and Adjusting) around the Purpose of any work. It will help frame the cadence / rhythm / interval of the organizational cycles of when certain types of work get done.

Shows how you “Sustain the Value” of your work.


Request a Workshop

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A workshop that is open to the public. This workshop is held at a training facility in a geographic area near you. If you can commit a minimum number of participants, we will make the arrangements for you. We will market to other individuals and organizations in the same area.

The benefits of a public workshop include the following: interaction and networking with other individuals and organizations, hearing the prospective of others, and sharing successes & best practices.

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A workshop that is not open to the public. This workshop is held at a training facility near your place of business or at your location. A private workshop requires a minimum number of participants. We will not allow others outside of your organization to attend this workshop.

The benefits of a private workshop include the following:  open conversations about your work and your organization, ability to focus solely on your organization’s opportunities, and the ability to collaborate and connect your work. If this workshop is off-site it allows the participants to focus on the workshop with minimal interruption. If this workshop is held at your location, participants can work on breaks, before and after the workshop.

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In-House Public

A workshop that is held at your organization’s training facility that is open to the public.

The benefits of an in-house public workshop are the same as the public workshop and you can even invite your partners (suppliers, customers, etc.). As a hosting organization there are other benefits that you will receive including exposure of your organization to the community.

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