Tools for Business Process Management

WorkExcellence® is a business process management system that helps you get more value from your work now – you chose the value!

“The WorkExcellence Method has transformed our approach to managing and doing the work through a focus on empowered teams, continuous improvement, data analysis, and a management system focused on customer value.”
– Tom, Technology Vice President


Giving You the Right Business Process Management Tools

Every business needs a competitive advantage to succeed and dominate its market. Some advantages are extrinsic, while are others intrinsic. One intrinsic competitive advantage available to companies is business process efficiency and effectiveness. Here at WorkExcellence, we know streamlining business processes leads to significant gains. We provide the needed tools for business process management to optimize your business.

We have worked with dozens of companies over the years, helping innovate and optimize work processes. One significant outcome each time has been a rise in productivity and overall throughput. Such results have helped our clients compete better and gain more momentum on a personal work level and at a broader company level.

WorkExcellence Business Process Management Framework

What is the WorkExcellence business process management system, and how did we develop it?

The WorkExcellence Method is a product born from decades of combined experience, skill, and research of our founders. Having worked with dozens of businesses in consulting capacities, we have discovered that companies and individuals have an opportunity in how they work. Through decades of research and multiple test cases, they found that making small improvements to your work can lead to significant time, productivity, and money savings. And so, the WorkExcellence Method was born.

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Tools for Business Process Management

WorkExcellence services include workshops, coaching, and consulting.
Our workshops are designed to take small to medium-sized groups through business process management training using the WorkExcellence Method. During the workshops, which are often two-day events, participants achieve clear improvements in how they work. Most attendants go on to see significant changes to how they work within a few weeks of applying the lessons learned.

Our coaching services are designed for one on one business process optimization. We work with senior managers, business owners, C-suite executives, and other persons in leadership to help them understand and employ WorkExcellence tools for business process management. Our coaching services can either be a one-off training or ongoing personalized support.

Our consulting services are designed for companies that need us to come in and help streamline business processes. We act as a source of knowledge and experience for companies transitioning to a better or leaner way of working. Companies that bring us in as consultants benefit directly from the WorkExcellence Method which was founded in lean process improvement tools and techniques.

We Help You Streamline Business Processes

Our team is made up of seasoned business process management system professionals Steve Gran and Brian Cain. Steve and Brian have worked together for decades helping businesses improve the way they work. From this combined experience, they developed the WorkExcellence Method.

Both partners are passionate about helping people and businesses flourish. This dedication has led them to create incredible process analysis tools for process improvement, which have helped firms change and improve how they work. Steve and Brian undertake most business process management training workshops personally, allowing clients to benefit firsthand from their decades of experience.

Our Company Structure

WorkExcellence is a business improvement company that offers business consulting and business coaching. Over the years that we have been helping businesses, we have identified these two approaches as having significant and lasting effects on a business’s processes. Even more so, we also offer premier workshops that help individuals or companies scale our solution to a broader audience and more diverse use cases.


Our commitment to you — by using the Work Excellence Method you will:

Use a Common Method
Get on the same page for deeper connections and true collaboration.

Create Current State Clarity
See and understand your work based on facts, not emotions.

Be able to Focus Forward
Know and be accountable for your next steps.

Sustain your Momentum
Continue successful patterns that work; thereby, creating more value.


Multiple Industries

Over 15 years we have developed the WorkExcellence Method, we have designed it to work for any industry. Our experience has shown us that when our continuous process improvement tools are applied to a company in any industry, significant benefits accrue.

Here is an abridged list of some of the industries we have worked in, helping individuals, teams, and organizations apply the WorkExcellence Method:





Logistics / Distribution

Information Technology



Start Up




Hospitality / Restaurant

Government / First Responder

Multiple Functions within an Organization

Making improvements to different functions within an organization can have a dynamic transformational effect on how the entire company works. We work with leaders and teams in all or several functions within a company, helping them benefit from the WorkExcellence Method .

Here are some of the many different functions within an organization that can benefit from the WorkExcellence Method tools for business process management:

Product Management

Human Resources



Claims Processing

Finance & Accounting

IT Management

Project Management


Continuous Improvement/Quality

Fundraising (not-for-profit)





Multiple Roles

Each role within an organization has a crucial part to play in how the entire organization works. Since any organization is the sum of all its roles, we have seen changes to one role have a significant positive impact on the whole organization.

If you work in any of the roles listed below, you can significantly benefit from the WorkExcellence Method :

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Executive Vice President


Chief Financial Officer

Chief Growth Officer

Vice President

Team Leads

Chief Operations Officer




The WorkExcellence Method Helps you Get More Value Now

If you want your work understood, valued, and appreciated, then the WorkExcellence Method is for you. You can get more value from your work and clearly understand what next steps you need to take to excel by using the business process management tools that we give you. Our simple and easy to understand approach makes it easy for anyone to see improvements in your work.

Robust Process Improvement Techniques

The WorkExcellence Method uses visual tools, so individuals and teams can reach their desired results quicker. When you adopt the WorkExcellence Method, you create a common way to connect and collaborate across your organization, resulting in dynamic transformation and watershed results. Continuous application of the WorkExcellence Method leads to increased momentum, helping you see increased value from your work.

Choose Our Business Process Management System

Your next level of business process excellence is just a phone call away. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how you can apply the WorkExcellence Method to your work and get more value now.