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Come join us for our workshop that will help you Sustain the Value from “Your Work” Now. You will have the benefit of being coached by the creators of the WorkExcellence®  Methodology.  Invite a colleague to sign-up and share this experience.  



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Participants will be able to:

  1. Create visibility and structure of the Sustain the Value Method (PDCA - Planning, Doing, Checking, Acting) in their work with organizations, functions, teams, and other individuals.
  2. Explain the essential structure of the ultimate Work System PDCA as an L0 Work System and the purpose of each phase of PDCA.
  3. Visibly show the organization, function, team, and individual the distinctive work steps and cadence for Sustaining the Value of Work.
  4. Gain clarity to what work needs to be done at what time, at a certain pace, with expected results along the way to future state.
  5. Utilize timeless work principles and structure of Work PDCA to reduce variation in connections, increasing collaboration, thereby, reducing wasted time, energy, and resources.
  6. Identify areas in the organization, function, team or individual work that are not stable and need to be discussed.
  7. Create a level structure for engagement, discussion, decision making, and accountability in the work.