Not Open to Public | Get on The Same Page: Create More Value, Now! | Online Workshop | Amwood Homes Summer/Fall 2021


Come join us for our 4-session on-line workshop that will help you Create More Value from Your Work Now. You will have the benefit of being coached by the creators of the WorkExcellence® Methodology.  Invite a colleague to sign-up and share this experience with you.  

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Amwood Homes Get on The Same Page – Create More Value Now – Online Workshop Preparation & Format

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Participants will be able to:

  • Grounding in the four foundational areas of the WorkExcellence® Method (Work System, Work Improvement, Work Measurement, and Work Direction).
  • Establish a common way of working that gets everyone on the same page.
  • Gain clarity on the current state of your work.
  • Focus forward and plan your next steps to better working.
  • Understand how to sustain your momentum and create successful work patterns that work.
  • Transform how you work in a short period of time after attending a business workshop.