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“The WorkExcellence method has transformed our approach to managing and doing the work through a focus on empowered teams, continuous improvement, data analysis, and a management system focused on customer value.”
– Tom, Technology Vice President


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People want their work to be understood, valued, and appreciated. Our role is to help you achieve your desired outcomes. We help apply the WorkExcellence Method to your work during the workshops, in post-workshop coaching and as consultants.

When you use the WorkExcellence Method you get more value from your work and clearly understand the next steps to help you move forward. Imagine approaching your work with a new twist. Our Method is simple and easy to understand and follow.

WorkExcellence creates a visual representation of your work that allows you to tell the current state story using only four (4) individual pages.

Individuals and teams who use our coaching services to build, integrate, and sustain the WorkExcellence Method will reach their desired results quicker.

When an organization adopts the WorkExcellence Method, it creates a common way to connect and collaborate. Organizations that use our consulting services experience a dynamic transformation and watershed results.

As you continue to apply the WorkExcellence Method, your momentum increases. This momentum sustains as you continue to apply the principles to your work. Individuals, teams, and organizations continue to get more value from their work.

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Multiple Industries

We developed the WorkExcellence Method over the last fifteen years. We have helped thousands of individuals in many organizations apply this method to their work. The WorkExcellence Method transcends industries regardless of what they do.

Here are some of the industries where we have helped individuals, teams, and organizations apply the WorkExcellence Method:





Logistics / Distribution

Information Technology



Start Up




Hospitality / Restaurant

Government / First Responder

Multiple Functions within an Organization

We have applied the WorkExcellence Method in many different functions within an organization. The following is a list of some of these functions:

Product Management

Human Resources



Claims Processing

Finance & Accounting

IT Management

Project Management


Continuous Improvement/Quality

Fundraising (not-for-profit)





Multiple Roles

The WorkExcellence Method has been successfully applied by multiple roles within an organization. The following are the major roles we have helped:

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Executive Vice President


Chief Financial Officer

Chief Growth Officer

Vice President

Team Leads

Chief Operations Officer




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